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  • Make a short film, music video or a commercial with your team

  • Experience the entire filmmaking process, from inception of idea, through to production

  • Work with professional filmmakers in a fantastic team building experience

  • Whilst creative and fun, participants will learn how to collaborate and engage their left brain

  • Can be created over one day or multiple sessions over a few weeks

  • Create a positive company culture

  • Growth by working outside people's comfort zones

  • Gives opportunities to people who’s voices aren't always heard, fostering an inclusive environment

  • Can culminate in a red carpet event for people to view their work

  • A memorable keepsake for your staff

  • Apply story telling techniques in a practical scenario

  • We have over twelve short films, three feature films and many television commercials under our belt. In short, a wealth of experience to offer your team

This is great for new organisations or teams that are looking for a way to bring people together in a fun and engaging activity. 


- Guy Edmonds


The filmmaking process is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I have encountered in my professional life.


- Matt Zeremes