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  • Group training tailored to your organisation

  • Explore practical tools that will profoundly enhance the effectiveness of your team

  • Build a vocabulary within your team so they can offer constructive feedback to each other down the track

  • If you have specific needs, we can work directly with you to create a course that fits your brief

  • Half day, one day or two day courses

  • Delivered on site, anywhere in Australasia

  • All sessions are practical in approach and are co-lead by Matt and Guy

  • Whilst grounded in actor training techniques, it is all practically connected to the workplace




  • Vocal and Physical - The body and the voice can betray your message; build awareness of their power. Use practical exercises that explore body language, tone, articulation and gesture

  • Working with Powerpoint & Keynote - Gain valuable tools that make sure that you are the star of your presentation

  • Video Session -  Create awareness of how you are perceived by others and identify areas of improvement

  • Storytelling - Impact your audience! Use storytelling techniques employed by Academy Award winning writers to ensure your message is clear and engaging

  • Dealing with Nerves  - Break down the psychology and physiology of what happens when nerves hit and give you practical ways to overcome them

  • Improvisation - Cultivate free flowing thought and conversation. Learn how to respond in the moment and not freeze up when you’re thrown a curve ball

  • Rehearsal Techniques - Use actor training techniques to create a process around how to prepare

  • Roleplay - Scenarios from the workplace are encountered, played out, and then replayed to see if new outcomes can be obtained by different approaches

  • Media Session - Simulate TV and radio presenting scenarios and work with autocue. Make mistakes with us, not on the job

Our body and voice are always telling a story and sometimes that story is diametrically opposed to what it is we are actually saying! Using practical exercises and tools actors use to create characters on stage and film, we help you gain control of your body and voice so it doesn’t betray your message.


- Guy Edmonds.


Improvisation gives you the ability to navigate a conversation, steering it in the direction you want it to move, whilst validating the person or people opposite you. No one likes to be shut down, people want to be heard.


- Matt Zeremes