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  • Focused, personalised coaching

  • Whether a rookie or seasoned-pro, ensure you always present with impact

  • Prepare for a high-stakes meeting, presentation or simply sharpen your skills

  • Build confidence & technique with a personal approach

  • No matter what your role is, we’ll tailor make sessions right for you

  • Sessions from one to three hours

  • Presenting is not magic, it's practice and hard work

  • Sessions include video components so we can build a visual vocabulary and awareness of you as a presenter

  • We come to you, anywhere in Australasia

  • Build confidence in a private environment

  • Big ego? No problem, we can handle you

  • No cosmic ideas, just practical feedback and tools that will actually make a difference

  • All based on actor training techniques

  • Can help you prepare for big presentations, and can even coach/assist on the day

  • High profile media launches? We can assist in shaping your content

When admiring great presenters, people often talk about charisma. “They’re so charismatic”. That’s all well and good, but how do you be more charismatic? Using our unique approach we’ll de-mystify words like presence and charisma and give you practical tools that you can actually implement.


- Guy Edmonds


If you were running a 100 metre race, you wouldn't roll out of bed, have a coffee, show up at the track and then sprint. You’d pull a hamstring. Presenting is much the same, you need to be warm, prepared, “show-fit”. There is no magic pill, just work.


- Matt Zeremes